• Robert E Barry III

All things Tech

Are you a Mac fan? Are you an Android fan? Are you a Windows fan? How about Linux or BSD?

Then you have come to the right place where all technology can get along!

My name is Robert Barry and I have been a fan of technology since I was a kid using Radio Shack Tandy IBM clones in the 80's at school. Technology has changed a lot since I was a kid but the basics really haven't. What makes up a PC or a Mac, a tablet, or a smartphone are very similar and will only have the lines blurred more and more as time continues.

I will be doing a variety of articles on all things related to technology. The main thrust of the articles will address software such as operating systems and major applications, hardware such as cpu design and architecture, ram, storage, etc. Laptops, Tablets and phones are all fair game. What I won't be doing is why Mac is better than Windows or Android is better than iPhone etc. Technology is actually more about how you use it than what you use.

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